Roon 1.8 is here!

17 February 2021

We are delighted to introduce to you Roon 1.8 - a completely new immersive music experience. Roon 1.8 features a new look, new intelligence, and new features designed for the community of experts that use Roon daily.

Roon now has a fresh new visual design that takes its inspiration from the idea of the museum – an airy, neutral environment in which to display things of beauty. The style refresh now makes it even easier to find the recording you are looking for. Roon 1.8 goes far beyond the “algorithmic recommendations” you’ll find in mass-market streaming products. Using its deep metadata and an understanding of over 100,000 expert listeners from Valence, Roon now surfaces and suggests music with uncanny sensitivity and insight. Valence now makes suggestions based not only on context (what you’re looking at and what you’re listening to) but also on your taste. 

A full list of feature updates can be found on the roon website.


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