Pro-Ject VTA-IT Now Available

17 February 2021

Henley Audio are pleased to announce the arrival of a new VTA adjustment tool from Pro-Ject Audio Systems. The VTA-IT is 1.5mm tonearm spacer, which allows the user to adjust the vertical tracking angle of their turntable, allowing for a greater variety of cartridges to be used with their tonearm or headshell. Many audiophiles will wish to keep their turntable for many years, but are limited by the tonearm height; this often prevents the user from upgrading their cartridge. With the use of the VTA-IT, a better cartridge can be fitted to greatly improve listening experience, without the need to purchase a new turntable. 



The VTA-IT is compatible with many of Pro-Jects standard models: Debut I-III, Debut Carbon, Debut Carbon EVO, Essential I-III (only standard configurations). However the installation of “VTA-IT“ should be carried out by an experienced technician.

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